I am starting my 5th year teaching special education. My first 3 years were in a small school in Idaho serving k-4th grade students. This past year I moved to Utah where I teach at a title one school servicing 4-6th grade students in math and reading interventions. I use the Corrective Reading and Reading Mastery intervention programs. I reinforce the comprehension and writing topics taught in the general education CORE which is Reading Street. For math I use the Focus intervention program teaching just the topics they are learning in class through Envision math.

I actually received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education k-8 but when I was looking for a job, I was offered the special education position requiring me to get my special ed certification. I did an online master's program and I am happy not to be in school anymore, though I still find myself enrolling in endorsement classes since I graduated! Though being a special education teacher was never what I dreamed of doing I wouldn't trade it to do anything else. I love my students, parents, and the many amazing co-workers that I get to work with.

Now some random facts about me:

I am the youngest with three older siblings.

Though I am not a mom yet I love spoiling my nieces and nephews and then handing them back to their parents.

I love avocados.

I hate split pea soup.

I love looking out windows. 

I won't watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette but LOVE watching Love in the Wild.

I am always cold- always- even in the 70 year old school whose boiler never turns off.

I’ve never had a broken bone.

I hate scary movies and haunted houses.

I love reading and normally read most books in the same day even if it is 2 am on a school night.

I love me a good road trip.

Thanks for reading!!